A custom fitness experience

Built for you.

 Highly individualized personal training, accountability and nutrition coaching.

It’s time you experienced the Meridian Training difference.

However you choose to train, we’ll get you where you want to go.

You deserve this.

The quickest, safest path to what’s possible.

– A custom program designed specifically for your goals

– Your own personal trainer oversees every step

– Accountability to keep you on track

– Flexible scheduling 

– Personalized nutrition coaching

Open-Gym Add-On

Your pass to our world-class trainers and space!

Access to our state-of-the-art functional fitness facility

– Daily workouts provided

– Trainer supervision and support available

– Basically it’s access to the ultimate home-gym you’ve always dreamed about

Nutrition Guide Add-On

Your work doesn’t end when you leave the gym.

A smart and maintainable nutrition program will seal the deal on accelerating your fitness goals, as well as building a foundation for long-term health.

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Let’s get you there.

We leave nothing to chance. We are committed to preparing you for success from day one. That’s why we begin the process with a conversation and goal review. When we both understand the clear path to assisting you with your goals we design your custom wellness program and support you every step of the way.

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Nutrition Coaching

A proven method that creates the structures necessary for lasting results. An eating program tailored specifically for you. Your success and comfort level drive the process. Our proven support system allows you to progress at your own pace and develop the habits necessary for life-long maintenance. 

Eat foods you enjoy without dieting or feeling deprived.

Learn what to eat, how much, and what to buy to support your efforts.

Renew your relationship with food, such that nutritious eating is a way of life, not a restrictive diet.

Build the habits and mindset necessary to stave off cravings and  manage hunger cues.

Our proven system is built for YOU.

Our Program begins with our Nutrition Kickstart Program

6-Weeks of Goal-focused steps

Comprehensive diet assessment including food journal evaluation

Detailed follow-up of assessment findings

Personalized plan for based on your nutrition goals

Individualized nutrition support with daily action steps

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