What protocols have you put in place for COVID-19 safety?

Our sister training facility, Apex Wellness, successfully navigated the Covid-19 pandemic by implementing cleaning, distancing, and other protective measures since March of 2020. Meridian and Apex will continue to follow the guidelines provided by Shelby County and the City of Memphis. In addition, we bet we are the cleanest gym you’ve ever been in:)

What if I am completely new to the gym and strength training?

You’re in the right place! Regardless of where you’re at, we are ready for you!

We are the newbie experts! We specialize in designing individualized programs for any fitness and confidence level.

What makes Meridian different from traditional personal training gyms?

Meridian will design you a unique fitness plan that brings together the best of individual programming, personalized accountability, nutrition coaching, ease of scheduling, and a safe, fun training environment. There is no faster, safer way to noticeable results!

Our goal is to help our clients embrace fitness autonomy and assist them in building confidence around their wellness to enjoy fitness forever!

What is strength training and how is it different than other work out regimens?

Strength training is a process of conditioning the muscles in your body using an opposing force, like weights. At Meridian, we believe that strength is the foundation on which all other components of fitness are built. Our strength allows us to move our body optimally, and conditioning our muscles allows for more movement and functionality in our lives, even as we age. Without muscle strength, our body functions decrease, often with increasingly negative impacts.

The good news is that Meridian trainers are experts at creating and facilitating science-based strength programs for clients of all ability levels.

Is this like Crossfit?

No, it’s nothing like Crossfit. Unless of course, you love Crossfit and you want us to design you an amazing custom fitness plan that includes movements common in Crossfit and other functional training gyms. In that case, yes, it’s a lot like crossfit. Either way, we start with you in mind. We build the experience around you rather than plug you into an experience.